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What is aroma ​reflexology?

Reflexology is the study of reflexes and how ​they relate to different parts of the body. ​Reflexology therapy is like a full-body ​massage, but from the inside out. By ​applying pressure to certain areas of the ​feet, which map to the various organs, ​glands and systems of the body, reflexology ​can improve circulation, relieve tension, and ​support the body’s return to homeostasis. ​The addition of a custom blend of essential ​oils during the session can enhance ​reflexology’s physical and emotional ​benefits.

What to Expect

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Health Intake Form

Reflexology Foot Massage Both Feet

When you make your first ​appointment, I will send you a health ​intake form. This will help me ​understand your goals for your visit, ​and any contraindications you may ​have. Please return this form 24 hours ​prior to your appointment.

After reviewing your intake form, or ​updating your existing file, I will create ​the essential oil blend for that day’s ​session (if you have opted for aroma ​reflexology). I will then makes sure ​that you are comfortable before ​starting the treatment.

As a qualified aromatherapist, I will ​create a custom blend of essential oils ​in lotion to apply during your aroma ​reflexology session. You will then be ​able to take this lotion home to add to ​your self-care routine.

Hi, I'm Shannon.

After working 15 years in a stressful ​profession, Shannon decided to pursue ​a career in natural health and wellness ​with certifications in aromatherapy and ​reflexology. She offers foot reflexology ​and aroma reflexology treatments at ​Cathedral Therapies in Regina’s ​Warehouse District.

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